Collage of parents with their children preparing pastryWith a New Year come New Year’s resolutions! This year why not get the entire family involved, choose one resolution for your family to keep, and then one individual resolution for each family member and help each other stay on track. Experts say just the act of making a resolution is a step in the right direction. Make a resolution to have a family meal 3 times a week, have a tech free Tuesday and have the kids resolve to eat more veggies! Set a great example for each other, family style!

Setting an example and explaining the importance of goals is a wonderful learning experience for children. When they are able to do this with their parents it makes it even better! See our tips below on how to make it a fun experience for all!
Success is in the follow through!
Keep it simple!
Don’t over reach when setting your resolution. Be realistic and set small, easily attainable goals and work from there. Too often we set ourselves up for failure when we make goals that are too daunting, we need to see some success to keep us motivated.
Track it!
Studies tell us that is takes thirty days to make a new activity a “habit”. Thirty days can be a long time but when you track your progress whether it is brushing twice daily for two minutes a day, or walking 20 minutes it looks like a great accomplishment as stars on a calendar!
Don’t forget to celebrate the milestones along the way. Set goals at certain points, perhaps every week or two and plan what they will be. Nothing is more motivating than having something fun or rewarding to work for!
Good Luck, we know you can do whatever you set out to achieve!
*Of course if your goals for you or child involve weight loss or adding a strenuous exercise routine it is always recommended that you consult with your healthcare professional before beginning.