Arbor View Family Medicine Now Offering Nexplanon Birth Control

Arbor View Family Medicine is pleased to announce that Nexplanon birth control is now available to new and existing patients.

Theresa Dyar, DO, and Jamie Stoughton, RN, FNP, are certified to complete the medical procedure to place the Nexplanon implant. The birth control method is a small, thin, flexible implant inserted under the skin of the upper, inner arm. The implant prevents pregnancy by releasing a steady, low dose of hormone into the blood stream. The low-maintenance option lasts for three years and eliminates the daily management required with traditional birth control pills. “It is over 99% effective*—just as effective as the pill” (Nexplanon, n.d.).

Women interested in learning more about Nexplanon should schedule an appointment to speak with an Arbor View Family Medicine care provider. To schedule an appointment, contact Arbor View Family Medicine at 740- 689-3627. For more information about Nexplanon, visit

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