LANCASTER, OH, October 7, 2014- October Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are few of us whose lives have not been touched by breast cancer in some way. In 2013 over 230,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed and close to 40,000 US women were expected to lose their battle with this horrible disease.

Early detection is the key to survival, and breast self-examinations save thousands of lives every year. All breast lumps are not cancerous but it is important that all lumps be evaluated by a physician. By doing monthly exams you will become familiar with your breasts and be able to notice changes early. Lumps are not the only sign of cancer in the breast. Nipple changes and other skin changes may also be symptoms so it is important that you discuss any, and all changes with your health care professional.

There are other steps you can take to lower your risks of getting breast cancer. Regular exercise, not smoking and eating a healthy diet low in fat, with lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits are just a few of the healthy habits that can help cut your risk. For more tips and information visit

Following your doctor’s recommendations and getting mammograms on schedule is critical in the fight against breast cancer.    If you think you have any symptoms or have any health concerns it is important you talk to your doctor.

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