We were surprised when we looked up “Mother” in the dictionary to see how many definitions there were. In our opinion, they still haven’t gotten it right. Not that we can accurately define the term “Mother” either, we aren’t sure that “mom” is something that can be summed up in words. But AARP in their article by Amy Goyer, sure did a good job trying, they asked participants to describe their moms in a word. We summarized their results and think you will enjoy. For the full article visit here:

The Top 11:

11. Best Friend. Not all children share this type of relationship with their mother. In fact the mother child relationship is not only special, but unique.

10. Mom. That’s right, many have no words. No words other than mom that is. Mom, on the pedestal, too many words and feelings brought them to only one.

9. Wise. Many other words were in this category too, smart, knowing, problem solver (we know that is two words).

8. Beautiful. At one time or another I think that every child thinks their mother is the most gorgeous woman in the world. Happily many don’t stop believing that. Other descriptives were immaculate, elegant and pristine.

7. Fun. Funny, vivacious, festive, witty. Wow, talk about a mom everyone wants to know!

6. Steady. This is a good type of influence for a child, let’s face it childhood, and life can be anything but that at times. It is nice to have a stable person to go to.

5. Missed. Losing your mother, or father, can be heartbreaking. Depending on what age this happens it can be difficult to recover from. Many share feeling as if they grew up overnight.

4. Other worldly. Lot’s of Supermom’s in this group! Saintly, prayerful, spiritual. Thank goodness for that, we all know mom needs some extra help now and then.

3. Strength and Inspiration.

2. Superlatives

1. Loving and Caring.

Our relationships with our mothers are unique as we are, but there is no denying that their impact on lives last forever.