It is the tie of year when many of us take stock of our lives, habits we would like to change and new routines we would like to make habits. So goes the New Year’s resolutions of millions of American’s, in fact it is estimated that nearly half of us have New Year’s resolutions although only 8% of us find we are able to keep them.

Scientists have learned some interesting facts over the yeas and discovered there are things we all can do to increase our chances of succeeding. We have outlined a few of these steps to take to improve your chances of success below:

  1. Set realistic goals. Many of us who start the New Year with changes in mind and, a fresh year ahead go overboard when deciding what we want to change. For instance, keep goals smaller and once accomplished add another set of goals. Saying you want to lose 50lbs can be daunting to say the least, try setting goals of 10lbs at a time and you are more likely to achieve them.
  1. Include a buddy with similar goals to increase your odds. It is harder to cheat or quit when we have someone to keep us accountable. Having someone to share your successes and failures with is comforting and can be encouraging too. If you aren’t able to find a friend or family member to share you may want to try an online source of encouragement. Overeaters anonymous, for example, has online meetings, visit: OA online meeting information.
  1. If you have a misstep don’t give up. All of us will have good days and bad along the road, don’t let a slip cause you to lose your way. If your goal was to give up ice cream and you have a bowl, just limit it to one, don’t have the attitude that you already slipped and decide to eat the entire carton of ice cream. Rather, celebrate that you only had one bowl and stopped, and maybe reset your goal to be more realistic and limit that bowl of ice cream to once a week. Small accomplishments will send you down the path of bigger ones.

Keeping these recommendations in mind will improve your chances of succeeding and having something to really celebrate at the end of the year, personal growth!