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Lancaster’s Choice for Family Physicians Since 1997

Arbor View Family Medicine Physicians are specialists in Family Practice. Our training has prepared us to handle the medical needs of both children and adults. We are one of the few regional practices that manage care of our patients in all settings, including Fairfield Medical Center. Our mission is to promote excellence in health care by providing the highest professional standards of care. Arbor View Family Medicine has been providing care to the families of Lancaster and surrounding communities since 1997. We care for each patient with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. 

This web site describes policies and medical services which will be important to you. We encourage questions from you and believe that the best medical care is based on friendly and open communication with you and your family.

We are proud to provide your care in a pleasant facility which is conveniently in Lancaster just off  US Route 33. You will find adequate parking and easy access to our building.



stop flu by vaccination or immunization shot with flu vaccine fo

It is once again that time of year, and the flu shots have arrived at Arbor View Family Medicine! The CDC recommends everyone 6 months – 4 years and those 50 older be vaccinated against the flu as well as those at higher risk, visit: http://1.usa.gov/1iHBlfo to see if you are on list.  It takes approximately two weeks for the vaccines to fully take effect so it is recommended to get your vaccine well in advance of the height of flu season. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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August Is Neurosurgery Outreach Month

Young boy in football helmet

With the return to school right around the corner, millions of children will be hitting the court or field as they participate in competitive athletics. The possibility of serious or even life-threatening injuries is always present in athletics, physical education or even a bike ride to school.

One of the biggest tips we can offer to prevent serious head injuries is to use headgear. Helmets and headgear should be worn at all time for sports like football, hockey, baseball, softball, horseback riding, cycling, skateboarding, wrestling, etc. Concussion awareness and understanding symptoms is critical in all sports. Staying educated is one of the best preventative measures one can take.

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Dr. Scoggin Celebrates 25 Years!


Happy 25th Anniversary Dr. Scoggin!

Today Dr. David Scoggin celebrates a marvelous milestone of 25 years in practice. Dr. Scoggin has devoted his life to caring for his patients, and has made a positive impact on thousands of lives, and generations of families. Both the community and Arbor View Family Medicine team congratulate him on this wonderful accomplishment.


Meet Dr. Scoggin

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