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Our Speciality is Caring for Your Family

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Lancaster’s Choice for Family Physicians Since 1997

Arbor View Family Medicine Physicians are specialists in Family Practice. Our training has prepared us to handle the medical needs of both children and adults. We are one of the few regional practices that manage care of our patients in all settings, including Fairfield Medical Center. Our mission is to promote excellence in health care by providing the highest professional standards of care. Arbor View Family Medicine has been providing care to the families of Lancaster and surrounding communities since 1997. We care for each patient with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. 

This web site describes policies and medical services which will be important to you. We encourage questions from you and believe that the best medical care is based on friendly and open communication with you and your family.

We are proud to provide your care in a pleasant facility which is conveniently in Lancaster just off  US Route 33. You will find adequate parking and easy access to our building.



Medical News:

The Flu Season is extending into the New Year, and this latest wave of the influenza continues to spread throughout the country. We are seeing an increase in flu cases resulting in serious illness and hospitalizations, and it isn’t over yet.

Flu Season - What you need to know

February is National Heart Month, Know Your Risks

Black tonometer and heart isolated on whiteEvery February Americans are reminded of the importance of taking care of their hearts, and with good reason. Over 1.5 million of us will experience heart attacks and strokes this year, nearly 8 million people in the U.S. have had a heart attack, and nearly 800,000 Americans will die from cardiovascular disease this year. There are many steps we can take to reduce our risks, learn more today.

Know Your Risks - Learn More Today

Meet the doctors of Arbor View Family Medicine

Richard B. Sielski, MD
David M. Scoggin, MD
John E. Lloyd, MD
Theresa A. Dyar, DO
Jessica Conn, DO